Medjugorje Hotel

Our hotel is located just minutes walk from downtown Medjugorje. The Hotel is situated in a quiet neighborhood, where you can rest peacefully and comfortably. Our rates are lower than other Medjugorje Hotels, because our hotel is family owned and operated. Many other Medjugorje Hotels are very commercial oriented and very busy, while our hotel is a small family operation and you will realize it is more like a home than a hotel. You will have access to a shared living room and kitchen area where you can sit down and mingle with other visitors who are in Medjugorje to experience a one of a kind spiritual adventure. We accept group accommodations so please inquire about our group specials when you call.

We believe that our location is truly one of a kind, because you get to experience what the city of Medjugorje is really all about. Medjugorje has a very busy downtown area, and most hotels are situated right beside the main street. On the contrary our hotel is situated in a small street where locals from Medjugorje live and you will truly get a chance to experience the real Medjugorje lifestyle, while being literally a 10 minute walk or a 2 minute drive from Saint Jacobs Church.

We are in the process of completing our website, so please be patient with us and do come back. to check for availability please contact us at

God Bless

Drazen Dodig